A fun Wallpaper for all you Microsoft haters out there...

Just a fun little wallpaper for the linux community. :wink:
Modelled in Blender 2.37a and rendered in Yafray 0.0.8. Render time was about 15 hours on my AthlonXP 2600+ with 2GB RAM running Gentoo Linux.

The toilet is way too square. I think Ive seen “designer” toilets that where square like that, but nonetheless, I wasnt aiming for realism anyway. Like I said, just a wallpaper for fun.

“Wash Your Hands”

Here’s the blend file as well:

nice work the materials are good great toilet paper, i use microsoft but i hate it just to be cool.

:frowning: :expressionless: :-? :slight_smile: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh, very good.

“oh look i hate microsoft even though every piece of software is made by them… im so cool”

nice render tho :smiley:

Dunno where you get that idea from, but alright…

great render!

Excellent wallpaper.

There is more software out there that isnt Microsoft m8. And is garunteed better :smiley:

I used to hate microsoft, then they released Halo 2. sighs…

Anyway, nice render! The title really makes it for me.

So, toilet seat is just sitting there…no attachments, and where is the cover…:slight_smile:
You need to close it down sometimes, just to keep deodorants inside…:slight_smile:

Nice, AntiM$ wallpaper…:wink:

And people who think that all software is made by them outta try Linux sometimes.
Beware, it actually requires some brain to use it.

May I suggest Dynebolic Live CD, it even has Blender already included…:wink:

You can still hate microsoft. The talent behind Halo 2 belong to Bungie.

By the way, very nice work!!

Bungie didnt put much talent into the maps.

I was able to get out the maps or go through walls fairly easy. In single player and multi player.

I’ve never seen so many bugs in maps before. Nor so easily access the bugs.

Great wallpaper. :smiley:

It would be great if there was some spare toilet roll behind the toilet with Bill Gates head on it.

Yes but… where’s the bidet? :smiley:

Most of the model is good, but the box is terrible. It looks like a last minute addition. The real box doesn’t have that cloud texture on the side, and you didn’t bevel the edges, and cardboard isn’t reflective. The rest of the setting looks fantastic.

Is this what’s called being on the “Steve Jobs” ??