A funny problem.

Hello :smiley: ,I have a funny problem.I have made an object ,
that is an actor -> dynamic,and i parented an armature to it.The problem is , when i press p , that object flyes of like crazy on a realy big speed and spinning :-? (only when i parent an armature to it).Strange , isnt it :slight_smile: .I hope you can help me.

try adding a material to the floor…that might do it…

dynamic objects shouldn’t be the children of ANYTHING

it messes up collisions and stuff, it is really weird
[or, at least 2.25 behaved very peculiar]

make your armature the dynamic object, not the mesh that is child of it

It doesnt help :frowning: , oh , and i ment it flyes away just when i press p not when it bounces of a floor.Maybe there are other suggestions :slight_smile: ?

Got it :slight_smile: .Thanks z3r0 d!

I’ve noticed this, and ir really bothers me. Someone should do something about it, it would open up some more creative alleys if this was possible.

How would it work exactly? The problem is, when you have a parent child relationship, the parent is telling the child when and how to move. Physics on the other hand, there is a physics engine telling the dynamic objects when and how to move. Should the parent give the physics child force? Should it act as a “center” of the object? Should it be loose or strict? Should the object try and stay in its parented position or be controlled by physics.

What you are proposing doeesn’t really make much sense, unless you work out the details. What I would like to see is ODE integration completed, with joints etc. Then you could link dynamic objects together with joints. I think this is what you are asking for, but it’s just simply not a simple feature to add.

By the way, you can do simple joints with blender 2.34 by physically modelling them. Just think mechanically about it :wink: There are a lot of issues though, the physics system needs a workover.