A Future Earth

I have been working on and off on this project for the past week or so in hopes of entering this in the Blender Guru ‘Future’ contest.

Here is my (unfinished) render:

I still have to add a background and I am not entirely happy with the material on the “small earths.” Critiques and suggestions for any part of the image are welcome as I want to improve this image before entering it in the contest.


Nice work for the time… I am (perhaps) also entering this competition too, and I’m a bit stressed to get everything in before the deadline. I do like the creativity in the image, but I have a question about the lower hemisphere of the earth. It looks like you’ve applied some sort of translucency to the (force field?) surrounding that portion of the world. Is it meant to be translucent there, or is that just a trick of the lighting? Otherwise, it sort of looks like the bottom half of the world is missing. Or is that intended, too? :eyebrowlift2:


I guess it’s not very obvious from the image but the bottom half of the earth is missing and there is a city inside the “force field.”

Here’s what it looks like from the viewport:

That’s a cool idea, you should make the lower city a bit more prominent.

nice image, maybe as background you can add the sun, but you will have to change all lighting according to sun position, or also the moon behind the city on the earth (if is not replaced by one of those satellite :slight_smile: )

What do you guys think of the composition of this image as opposed to the previous one?

I still have a lot of work to do compositing and adding a background but right now I am making some last minute changes to the setup of the scene. Ideas for a background are also appreciated.

let me know what you guys think.


You need a lot more lighting inside the city, and the “force field” should have a lower alpha value (in order to make the city more prominent). I also find that your camera angle is terrible. You cannot tell where you’re supposed to be looking, and what the main subject is. Try using the camera composition guidelines.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted the focus of the scene to be on the city under the Earth or on the ‘mini-planets’ moving away from Earth.

The focus should definetly be more on the city, because that is the point of the picture. When you thought of the concept, did you think of the half-earth or the floating balls? Most likely the city.

You’re right. I did start out with the city in mind and I originally added the floating balls as a means of filling up the empty space in the image.

So do you guys like the first image better or do you think that I should try another viewpoint?

I like the first idea better, but make sure that the cities inside the other balls are visible as well as the larger one. Also the force field in the first one is better. A backround or some stars would really help as well.

Yeah, I am planning on adding a background, I wanted to get the composition right first.

You’re going to want much more light bouncing off of the surface of the Earth. Also, stars would make a big difference. On more thing: the Moon would be good element to triangulate the composition of this image.

Hm, my idea of displaying the city, would be placing light source directly in rear of city. But from where? Maybe torn moon core? 'Cause evolution is never going without sacrifices :slight_smile:

Anyways, keep it going!

I was thinking of having the sun behind the earth silhouetting the city but that would mean having the visible part of the earth completely dark except for a few lights from major cities.

I think the individual “honeycombs” that the force fields are made of could be much smaller.

Looking good. This somehow reminds me of Blender’s node system. I think your first one is more balanced.

Thanks for the feedback guys,
I reverted to my original setup (with a few changes) and have started some work on compositing.

Here’s what i’ve got:

I will definitely do some more work on city. I tried putting the sun behind the Earth but I wasn’t happy with the result. I have though about putting the moon somewhere in the image but I am not sure where.

Tips on improving the background would be appreciated.