a game template to give PowerPoint like presentation?

Hello all,

The Blender Game Engine can probably be used to give presentations / slide show like PowerPoint.
Did anybody try with success? Are there templates out here? Did anyone come up with a set of techniques to go from slide to slide, zoom in and out, bring up chart or 3d pies/charts etc., with the BGE. I looked around all morning, couldn’t find anything. I just bet it’s out there.
Say you want to go go from one slide to the next, you click on a “next” button. Your camera (or the slides) moves, or your slides alpha changes (one appears, the other fades away), or the slide is resized / moved… etc. What works, what doesn’t. I have ideas galore, but I’m looking for a proven / tested solution, if it exists out there.
OK, you get the drift. Thanks for your input,


Hey, Arnaud. With the Blender Game Engine, that function is more than capable. I believe that by linking data… well… linking material to be more specific, you can make dynamic slides like that, being that you can change the pictures that it is linked to, meaning it is easier to update and change than doing it in Blender… once the base is setup.

I could do one sometime, but right now our team is working on a couple game projects, for now and in the future and we hope to sell them. There will also be openBlend and source also in some of them for free.

That way we can get notice to the Blender game engine and how professional it is!
Off topic there, sorry.

Good luck with your finds buddy! :slight_smile:

There is a slideshow.blend file on the apricot svn, where slide textures are on 3d objects, in a yo franky setting, with the scripts to cycle between the slides ( the camera moves from object to object.)

check it out. http://www.yofrankie.org/?paged=4