A Game

Here is my Space game,And ALL the graphics u see is made with BLENDER

(i know its a bit unusual thread)

here is a screenshot.

here is the game forum

Alrigt. I have an rule never to download an exe file from internet unless its Microsoft certified.

btw why do you have a screenshot thats 1200.01 KB large. Please compress that to an png or jpg.

Yeah the game is fun, but what buttons do what? I bought someting but I dont know what it does. Is there any help file?

ouh,i forgot to tell u that.
left mouse button fires normal lazer.
If u have bought the generator for improving ur laser u can use right mouse button to shoot extremely STRONG laserbeam that destroyes everything on its way.

With right mouse button u can also use ur BASE CANNONS

U can buy shield generators that will restore 10 health per 10s
1st generator costs 1000score
2st 1500 score
3nd 2000 score
4th 2500 score
Left click on the item to buy.

So,what do u guys think,do u like it.
What is ur best score?

Got the .blend file so I can run it?

Not bad at all. Not bad at all. Classic but well done :slight_smile: My best score so far was 2700 though. I am going to keep it on my desktop so I can play it when I have a small break (like when downloading ^^)

Here are a few critics and issues I had with the game
1)Its clicking intensive
2) the ships that get the farthest down on the sides just sit there doing nothing. and if they shoot they dont hit you.

Other than that. Great job

this clicking thing can get annoying so ill add some turrets and stuff witch shoots for u.
"2) the ships that get the farthest down on the sides just sit there doing nothing. "—>i noticed that,but i thought i should let them stay there so players would get some points shooting them.

What about us linux users?
I want to play it too :frowning:

sorry,i dont know how to make it run on linux

To bad :frowning:
Looked like something I would have liked.

maybe some of ur friends or relatives have got windows.(u could try it at their place)

yeah, maby I’ll do that (but the mere tought of M$, yuk!). :wink:

it run under wine.

I changed some things.
1st i added a defence turrets (u can place them in front of ur base,so they will take enemy fire and then return fire)
2nd-i added a new and powerfull enemy.
and plz tell me what would u like to see in the game.new buildings,units etc