A general question about what Blender can do....

Hello…I am not sure if Blender can do this and I need help. I supervise science education for a large public school district just outside Philadelphia. I want to create a virtual classroom where I can pose three students in various positions to show elementary teachers how to do science lessons with their classes. For example, one student might be recording numbers, one might be dropping a parachute, and one holding a timer. These don’t have to be animated. I want the ability to then reposition these same students for the next part of the lab, and so on and so on. Would Blender do something like that? I am willing to pay someone to build the initial template and then allow me the ability to “stage various” science experiments for young students.

If Blender is not the tool, what should I use?

Thanks so much for any information. George Mehler

Blender would be a good option for this. I’d post in the paid work section of the forum for the best response.