A generic Humanoid armature rig....

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I havent been able to find a ready done rig that can be used for generic cartoon characters. There are some rigs in existing projects, but I was looking for something with IK solving etc.

I have done one up, its not perfect but its a start. I was wondering if there is anyone who would be interested in looking at it and passing some constructive crits.

Maybe it is even possible to take this and use it as a sideline project to build the “perfect” rig.

Does something like this already exist out there? If not, is there someone I can mail this to so we can put it up on a server somewhere.


  1. Currently just single toe and finger joints.
  2. IK chain, grab the hip and pull the rig forwards
  3. Sticky feet and hands


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Nice to know, but:

1 - You forgot a link to your work… how we can comment?
2 - Why you posted in the python forum, to me it
looks more a BlenderChar question… on that site there is also a veri nice rig available


I think I’ll move you there



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Sorry, I probably didnt make it clear enough when I said:

meaning: I dont have a server to post my file to…


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you maybe want to look at the blendo-rig. It’s perfect i would say :slight_smile:

it’s available on http://blenderchar.weirdhat.com in the download section.

cya henrik

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Hi Thanks, yes the Blendo rig is great.

I suppose rig types can be personal preferences. I was hooked on the poser rigs and so like the idea of doing tip-toes when moving forwards as well as bringing the arms with on forward movement as the latter does not need constant repositioning of the arms…

But its great to learn by, like figuring out how the bones work together.