a ghost in my render

i am modelling a car in city but there is a problem that ican see a previous modell of this car that i have deleted i cant see it in moddelling screen but i can see it in rendering and its following my car when i moved it
heres the render :

here is the wireframe screen shot:

Alt-A to play the animation in the 3d window… then do you see it? Maybe you could post a blend?

here is the blend file http://www.uploading.com/en/files/SVM7EKAC/porsche.blend1.blend1.html
i want to know is the problem in model or renderer cuz i have search in out liner and i couldnt find

Open up the Outliner window and click on the eye icon next to circle001 - after that its visible and you can just delete it :eyebrowlift:

thanks didnt know about the eyes:o