A girl, 3D-ification of drawing from 15+ years ago

So, for some reason I decided to look back into Blender, it’s been a long time and I was never that well into it. I found a picture of a character that I drew 15+ years ago, and decided that it could be a more interesting starting point than just “make basic human”.

So here’s the ancient drawing:

And above is the state of affairs right now. Here’s a closer view:

She ended up looking quite a bit different, maybe like a younger version of the drawing. I’m reasonably satisfied with the materials and the modelling for now. Or… no, the materials look a too plastic. The topology will do, though:

The hair, on the other hand, will obviously need revisiting. My graphics card is fairly crap (GTX660), but my CPU is pretty new (Ryzen 7 2700X), yet dealing with hair as particles is quite laggy. I’ll have to figure something out, probably doing it a little at a time.

I’ve also had to take a break from rigging. As it is she’s rigged with the basic human rigify rig (hence the lack of proper posing of the hands.). Getting the hands, teeth, eyes and eyebrows rigged is also something I’ll have to learn.

The pose and the light in the original drawing is a bit boring, and I just found out how to do volumetric ligthting, so now she’s in a cave, telling stories. For some reason the render seems to have more fog than the preview :\

I also adjusted the texture for the wool stockings, and applied them as a bump map. Added some noise to the silk material, and adjusted the bump and specular maps of the leather as well as adding a big musgrave texture to vary the color via a ramp… then I hid it all in fog, so here’s a better view: