A Girl and Her Teddy

I will probably revisit this one someday since I would like to add more details to the room. Maybe do some more work on the pose after I do some study on the fine details of rigging.

highres: http://stormraynes.net/wpinstall/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/teddysgirl.png

Blender 2.62
Blender Internal

C&C welcome.

I really like the lighting, but maybe if it had a softer falloff it would be better (?)
Idk, I’m a newb to this stuff…

Thx Ishcabibil, I was trying for “creepy, but cute” guess I achieved half my goal. I will look into the hard lamp then I revisit.

Yeah, definitely didn’t get the cute, but did get the creepy.
Nice image but her back looks odd (the posture).

Thx RossBlenderArt for the suggestion to look into the posture. First real rig, so I might have a edge loop in the wrong vertex group or something. Probably going to revisit this when I get some more time, since it is getting a little to busy around here to work on it now.