A girl in chernobyl

A girl alone in front of the city of Chernobyl. Hope you like the image. You can C&C. I will post some closeup soon. Modelling and renderer in blender internal. Texturing with Photoshop. Post processing in blender. thank you for viewing.


Very nice! Only the lighting and skin shader could use some work

Lighting looks fine to me, but the skin shader looks a bit to clean tho… it doesnt look organic enough.
all in all is a very nice image, care to show some wires?

Great lighting and scene! Skin shader isn’t bad but a better use of SSS could help.
Why people keep asking for wires? What is so important about them? Its the less artistic part anyway.
5* from me.

I like your picture! Nice atmosphere and light. The charakterdesign and the pose of it is quite good too! I can see a story in your picture.

You can improve the composition, now the girl is right in the middle of the picture. Maybe you can add some grass or plants on the concrete, to make it more realistic and detailed. Im just wondering about her back, its grey without contour or wrinkles, there you can do something with your lightsetup i guess.

It’s quite thought provoking.

the mood is nice, and the textures are quite good. background doesnt blend amazingly, but the colours are similar.
I don’t agree it looks too clean, because it looks like you’ve gone for a manga type thing, and they normally are block - coloured.

@ michalis, people want wires when something is good to see what is modeled, what’s textures, how they’ve gone about it, essentially to learn from the image.

But its not a clear manga style, its more a mixture with realism.

Okay, I’m going to comment about this as though it were a real photograph …

  • Consider turning the camera 90 degrees. There’s a lot of wasted image-area to the left and to the right. Fill the frame.
  • (Very important.) Crop that hot, bluish-white wall out of the right hand side of the frame, completely.
  • Display the image on the screen (or print it out) and construct two large L-shaped pieces of cardboard. Take one in each hand and hold them so that the space between them is an adjustable square or rectangular space. Position these cropping tools until you have tightened down the image as much as possible, eliminating all extraneous material from view. Be ruthless. Almost every image can be improved very considerably by cropping.
  • Take two steps forward. Crouch down.
  • Take one step to the left or to the right. The background buildings coincide with the arm and rob much of the effect.
  • Wait until evening, when the “sweet light” appears in the distance. This light has color and is less intensely saturated. “Evening light” also conveys “the end,” and in this case, an end for which there will never again be “a bright new morning.”
  • Put a colored gel on your flash setup (making sure not to use the flash that may be mounted on your camera) so that the girl’s white tunic has a slight color that is a color complementary to what you see going on in the distance.
  • Learn to use the color histogram tools and other video measuring tools that Blender now provides. Review your notes about Ansel Adam’s “Zone System.”
  • Ask the model to turn slightly to her right, so that her (absent) arm is now adjacent to her tunic. Now, step further to her right so that you catch some of her face in profile.
  • The model is, after all, an actress, and you might want to flip through your morgue-file of reference shots (or use Google Images in this case) to consider various poses that would help the viewer connect with this disfigured girl as a person. Go straight for the viewer’s gut: concoct a picture that slams a fist-blow straight into your conscience with the first glance. If you can do that, you go straight to the Gallery and beyond.

I upload some wires.
I agree with gregzall and renderluz with the skin shader but on the other hand it’s true that this way is like a manga character. The T-shirt has some wrinkles but they don’t seen too much. Thank you so much for the comments about the image.


really love this image. amazing job on the modelling.

Here are some closeups of the skirt.