A girl's head...

Hello! I’m new to this forum and quite new to blender (and 3d in general) too. So this is one of my first 3d heads.I don’t like the hair…maybe I’ll change it to particules…

What should I improve?

…and sorry for my english!!:o



Try the pixar looking eye tutorial… that’d improve it a lot IMHO

I think that the spec is set a little too high.

And as BleedForMe said, the eyes need attention.

Also, the hairline is set way to high at the part.

… but a little too low at the same time in areas like the nose tip and the lips. Better than adjusting overall specularity is to set material specularity and hardness to a very low value, even 0 and create a UV mapped specularity and hardness map using a grayscale image where black means no change and lighter values become areas with more concentrated spots of reflected light.