A girl's portrait

Taking inspiration from the BJD (ball-jointed dolls) world, I wanted to try model a subject that is realistic but isn’t actually real and transcends reality in some ways. This portrait is part of a more complete model which I will likely won’t finish due to me still in the process of learning of creating good enough results to show off as finished projects. The head however is good enough to be considered finished and I can say I’m quite proud of the end results since even though I’ve used Blender for years every now and then, by all means I am no modeling expert yet.

I start modeling from a sort of cage with the main loops first, then actually add polygons on top of them. I find it’s easier to get the initial proportions right by doing it this way. I also used to do this with hard body modeling (cars) in the past.

I went through a few iterations in the process. This one was the first version. Users on #blender complained it was creepy!

I then made some slight changes to the expression, made the eyes brighter, added an HDRI light for more realistic colors, but then I was suggested that the doll head had an evil smirk… I guess it looked that way :frowning:

I finally added a texture for the make up. Applying the mirror modifier caused the previously set up hair to get messed up a bit. Still, it seemed a bit better.

After fixing up a bit the hair and changing the lighting, it appeared to be better. But once more suggestion was that since the head is still floating in the hair, it doesn’t make for a good render, subject wise.

So in the end I added a provisional, simplified body with doll-like features. Indeed it seems a bit better. But some pointed out the child-like model looked a bit sl***y :frowning:

But without real experience in modeling human bodies and cloth, I can only do so much. Next time I will focus on trying to make a complete BJD model which also looks tasteful.

This is why for now I can only consider the head as finished!
And this is all for now.