A glimpse on professional work with Blender

Hi all,

I’m coming here to share with you some of my latest pro work.
I’m hired as a graphic consultant by an agency that design and build hairdresser shops, beauty shops and spas.
Though some furnitures are made specifically for a particular customer, some elements like washing units or armchairs are provided by suppliers. The challenge then is to model their furniture from add shots or worse…
The workflow i’m using is Vectorworks for all architectural plans and layout pre-design, then build in Blender ta scale, organise textures and mapping and export to Octane for render.

Here are a few works, this is the final picture we give to customer. Each and every detail are not always in as productivity is the keyword (often only 1 day for a pic).

All the pics are rendered with Octane under 2h… (original size : 1280x960, 32000 samples min)

Thanks :slight_smile:

I agree , the only limit is imagination… :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t have all the freedom i’d like to make very personnal design… More over, only a few suppliers have a rich variety of products :wink:

Hi, the floor in the third render and down is very very good…maybe the floor in the last render needs some bump, roughness, specularity (just a pinch of those).

i haven’t worked with Vectorworks. so, maybe one shot per day is hard enough as it is.
but if you model in blender, you should produce some really good looking furniture (third render, shelf looks very simplistic).
Over-bright on the walls is a little crazy, (post pro? or is it from the actual render?).
…On a side note, second reply should have been more constructive IMHO.
Best of luck.

Its looking very cool and as always its nice to hear about blender being used in an another professional environment.

I think I need more imagination.

For one day, those are amazing… My work for one day would be one of those chairs, and maybe a wall or two…

Very good for a one-day job!