A glossy texture does not look glossy depending on the angle??

Hi, I need some help, I am having trouble making my texture on the pillars look glossy all the time in every angle. When looking from it from above or below, it looks glossy, but straight on, it does not.

And here is the angle and type of light source

Another question is how do I make it so the textures are not stretched to the shape of the column, but instead, made to repeat itself. This texture was not made from an image, entirely from the node editor.

beautiful model but it looks like some of your normals are facing the wrong direction causing the dark stripes. select the parts that have stripes, go into edit mode, select all, and ctrl N to fix it. it will also create problems if you try to UV unwrap it if it’s not fixed. I am not sure about the glossiness question, but I can see a bit of a reflection. maybe a different lighting setup could help.

As Modron said, what are you using for the background? Try using and HDRI, otherwise the glossy shader will reflect an uniform colour, making it more difficult to see.

Well, the effect you are seeing there is what the Fresnel node you used was made for…
Think e. g. of a shop window: If you stand right before it and look into the shop orthogonally to the window pane, you will hardly notice the reflectivity of the glass at all and the transparency predominates the visual impression. But if you look alongside that same window from a glancing angle, it will suddenly seem more like a mirror to a point where you can hardly see through it any more: That is the Fresnel effect.

You could use a Layer Weight > Facing node instead with an attached Add node. The latter will ensure that even when looked at orthogonally the material will still keep a tiny amount of reflectivity. Much finer control this way (increase the added value to increase the straight on glossiness):

(Left: Layer Weight > Facing + Add / Right: your Fresnel setup)

Thanks a lot for the help! But I cannot find any nodes just called “Add”, where did you find that node?

That’s a Converter > Math node.
It changes its name according to the mathematical operation you choose in the drop down menu inside it…

Hmm, I did put the pillars into edit mode, select all and ctrl N, but the stripes are still there.

Cool. Ok it’s starting to look more like polished marble.

I think I’ve found a way to make the texture less streaky, I played with the coordinates here.

Results can be kind of strange.

the wrong facing normals are on the dome and the floor but not the pillars.

Ah I see, thank you for pointing that out.