A glsl demo I made

Something I been working on since the glsl feature was added. I seem to have trouble with the textures, it’s either black or very dark.

Anyone know how to fix this let me know.


it ran pretty nicely for me, and at 108k faces too, thats pretty cool, didnt seem to be very dark either, but sometimes on big textures they black out every once in a while, idk y but it happens on some of my games too

i didnt get any blacking out. i did get some ‘greying’ out when i was far away from some walls but that was just the lighting


Works fine on my laptop. Runs really smooth.

There’s not much colour though, right? some of the floors are red, and the far room with 2 sets of stairs running down and red/black sculpted texture on the walls looks great! Reminds me of some shooter I played, but the wall texture is far better.

Do you use anything like LOD or poly culling? My laptop doesn’t usually play 100k poly games so smoothly… If not then the improvements in BGE are staggering.

Amout the blacking out… first time I ran it, all was pretty black with just some white highlights, and movement was not possible. Crash? Second time, all was as stated above. Maybe a glsl bug?

Apricot build 15399

No, not much color, I don’t have that much of an imagination, I’m thinking of adding some of mpan3 glsl demo script for the slime and flame. I need to take out some extra things on other layers that left out during my brainstorming.

darkness darkness and more darkness.
How did you guys fix this problem?

I’m not talking about light, I’m referring to the fact that some textures don’t show up or shows up incorrectly.

I often use project from view mapping cause I’m picky how the texture lines up.

True, some of the textures appear to not project onto the objects correctly, such as the walls above the arches at the bottom of the two stairways. I think this must be something to do with the UV mapping though. These little glitches are minor compared to the effects you’ve managed to achieve with the glsl scripts. I don’t understand any of that (yet ;)), and will probably only be able to achieve similar results by using Apricot Blender for the forseable future.

The metallic brick wall is very effective and the animation on the lava lake right at the bottom of the structure is great. Is that an animated texture, or achieved by translating the UV mapping, or in the glsl scripts?

It’s a spooky feeling place already, but if you could take inspiration from mpan3’s deep water to improve the slime, it would add a lot to the feel of the place…

Edit: using Blender 2.46 now cos it doesn’t crash after leaving a game that uses glsl :wink:

The lake is done by a script, I pulled it off from a blender demo.

i fixed the problem.It turns out that the physics engine used was sumo, i fell thgrough the floor , i changed to bullet physics.I cant move much but it looks kool