A goblin WHIP!

Uh… I mean “WIP”. Yeah, that’s it. :x

Some of You might remember the earlier versions, I’m really addicted to making more and more as I get better in modelling. This one isn’t textured correctly yet. Ears, hands, clothes and arm/leg guards are also going to be improved (as soon as I learn how!)



Any suggestions about how I could improve are welcome with love! :expressionless:

I think that it is very nice!
good modeling and materials

top notch mate! really nice overall consistancy and colours are great =D

The eyes could maybe use a bit more brightness, but apart from that lots of character to him!

Can’t wait to see some more, are you going to animate him?

really looks great so far!
but i think he would look cooler with three toes instead of two?
great stuff!

Hey, goblins aren’t supposed to look cute. :smiley:

Great modeling so far.

I agree Wu with his toe comment and I also think that his feet should be skinnier. He has to be able to run away from nasty paladins and heroes. :smiley:

Thanks for interest, folks! I am, by all means, going to animate him!

I’m going to think about the feet. I made them this way because goblins in my world are able to spider-climb, which requires a big surface of the foot. I’m gonna try to follow Your suggestions and see how it looks.

As for the eyes, I tried to increase the emit value but it looks unnatural. I blame AO for the current darkness of them. Duh!

I’m also getting negative comments about the outfit (I’m not sure about it as well) and I couldn’t find a decent burlap texture. Can anyone help?

BTW. LohnC: Remember me? :wink: Nice.

How did you do the eyelids? And then, respectively, how did you rig them?

Nice goblin btw, he’s got style… With a few rearangements he could be Elvis back from the grave. Y’know, slicked back hair and shiny jacket?

Great job!