A good hand-modeling tutorial?

I’ve gone through lots of modeling tutorials, but they’re all kind of same… same concept. None focused on hand modeling… well at least I haven’t found the ones that did that…

Does anyone know where I can find a good hand-modeling tutorial? I am really struggling and even when I’m done modeling one hand, it’s almost scary how many polies I’ll have on it.

Thanks in advance!


Go on this site. Under tutorials there are other Bodyparts, too.


Thanks a ton!


Hi all, do you think this toon hand mesh http://blenderchar.weirdhat.com/handtute/ was modeled the same way as shown in the http://apieceofstring.com/kos/ tutorial? I’m thinking the same methods were used in both instances. Any differences that jump out at you? I am interested in low-poly toon meshes, not the hi-poly anatomically correct ones shown in apieceofstring.com