A good Image host?

Hi all I just downloaded blender so im still trying to figure it out. :-?
And this is my first post on this Forum, and im glad to be here :smiley:
so anyway I have 2 renders and I need to know where I can find a good image host.

Welcome to elYsiun…

i use imageshack


WOW that was a fast reply :o
Thanks, are there any other good ones?
I wana try to get a good list of em and see which one I like best.

Image shack is by far the best. try photobucket too

I like Photobucket, but is Image Shack really that much better?


yeah its really simple check it out

www.imageshosted.com is a good one. It’s really fast and easy, and you don’t have to register :smiley: You can’t reaccess the file again if you need it, but it’s not biggy to reupload since it’s so fast.

I personally use (and like) image shack. This website: http://www.free-webhosts.com/free-image-hosting.php has a sizeable listing of other image hosts (and places with free webspace too).



if you need to post a model or something you can use quake hosting. you can have your own account for your files, but i forget what the filesize limit is … i think its like 10 meg or something.

Imageshack is great… it even generates thumbnails (including bbc code!) for you aoutomaticly. be sure to open an account (it’s free) so you could brows youre images.

lifelesspeople.net has excellent free image hosting with no ads, and they alow hotlinking -

I tryed using image shack but when i picked an image and clicked “host it!”
It dident host. :-? it just brought me to a page that said this page will soon change once you host a image. BUT I DID HOST A IMAGE!?!?!?
It was strange… any one else have this problem?

Just registered with ImageShack … this is only a test:



cool :slight_smile:

I’ve found Imageshack to be really slow. Never uploaded anything there, but whenever I view an image that’s on imageshack, it’s really slow.

i’ve found it to be extremely fast…

i think that it has to do with your connection speed


Possibly, but nearly all other image hosts load quite quickly. Oh well, I’ll just stick with Imageshosted.com

Oh well I think I will host my renders on my computer. (I an using my dads right now) so I will wait. My computer will have DSL soon, my dads only has a 56K modem. slow… :frowning: