A good mouse at a gate price.

Hi all just wanted to share the Cobra junior, to anyone looking for a new mouse that well work good with blender (ore any 3d program)

I now a mouse is probably the list impotent thing wan it comes to 3d but having a nice one on the cheep is still a grate thing.

it works like a charm and its nice and big. the scroll wheel is the best I’ve used wan trying to zoom in blender, having clear clean clicks but still being sensitive enough to get the right destines from the scene.

it as a DPI button on the top of it watch is extremely helpful to me as i like a faster setting for some applications (but not all)

Plus it comes with to side buttons that you can map to what ever you won’t (like undo and redo ;))

the only problem I have with it is its advertized as a “Gaming Mouse” and as such as it has lights inside of it that I find just plan irritating. Ore I deed be for i got read of them:evilgrin: anyway that my ore may not bother you.

but all and all its a bombshell for only 8$ on amazon. I’ve had it for about 4 months now and it still looks the same as the day I got it.

Just wanted to share…