a good place

inspired by the work of Bertrand Benoit
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1516766058 feel free to add


Wonderful scene, you’re a lighting master! I just think the cloth on the chair detracts a bit from the rest, but that’s just my opinion. Great job!

thanks for commenting, I would have gotten a realistic outcome in cloth but could not

It would be correct to mention the original work.

He did.

Bertrand is a huge inspiration for me, I admire his work and you are getting quite close on the realism level, great job :slight_smile:

wow, this is amazin julio, great job

Thanks guys for your comments…

This is a very nice still-life composition. Maybe the light on the inside edge of the window is a bit “hot,” but then again maybe not. It’s an interesting arrangement of items, well executed and highly plausible. Well done.

P.S. I wouldn’t be concerned about the cloth. The shot was obviously designed to be fairly “high key,” in terms of lighting etc., so you would expect loss of detail in the cloth. (And some might say it helps because it keeps your eye from zeroing-in on the cloth more than it should.)

thanks for comment

Hi Julioras.

Great work.
I really love learning from the masters.:yes:
And your work is really nice.
And vray is also a very beautifull render of course.
Can you share the models from your scene.
I will make a yafaray test and share it like always.:eyebrowlift2:

Thanks in advance.

Is it something I don’t understand, or are the textures on the spines of the books rotated 180 degrees? It’s kind of a curse I’ve got. Even when an image is wonderful it seems my eye will stick on something that just looks wrong. And yet I have zero talent for make something that looks right. :slight_smile:

Nice render!

thanks for comment