A gratuitous modeling recruitment thread for Peragro Tempus

I am a core developer (3D Art and Settings) for an open source online RPG called Peragro Tempus. We are a sucessful project so far, already almost two years into development. Current game features include:

  • Working client/server

  • Mounts

  • Trading between characters and NPC’s

  • Doors that open and close as well as gates that do the same eg: http://vaalnor.mine.nu/Downloads/Video/peragrogate.avi (requires Theora codec or VLC Media Player).

  • Equipable items.

  • Keys

  • Region entity culling, etc, etc

  • One Town finished, another will be ingame in a few weeks.

  • And other smaller features you’d just expect. Combat manager is in progress but waiting on the completion of the new entity branch.

The website is http://peragro.org/ where you will find screenshots, our new forums, and other information about the game as well as downloads to try out the game.

We are looking for more modelers to help expand the world a bit more rapidly. At the momen we have 2 core modelers and a group of about 6 who periodically contribute. Our game uses the Crystalspace engine (same engine used by the blender open game project) and is fully open source. Code is GPL v2 and Art is Creative Commons Non-Commercial. All 3d models have been produced with Blender.

You can contact us through the site but the best way is through irc if anyone is interested in lending a modeling hand. We are on irc.freenode.net on channel #peragro (surprise surprise :slight_smile: ). If there is any other information anyone want simply post it here and I will try my best to answer to the best of my ability.

Thank you for your time!

Did you sign up just to post that?

Either way, looks ok as far as MMOs go. I’m not a fan of them, as my expectations for them are too high and require more programming skill and computer power than there is on the Planet.

Actually no, if you look at my member page you’ll see that I’ve been a member since 06 sometime. I just have not been particularly active. As for programming skill and power well, :slight_smile: Could be that that is true however we are insane. I’m fairly certain that it is a quality that is needed to make our project as successful as it is.

i dont think you understand how insane this man is he is expecting an mmo that would require the entire cluster of computers working on the folding at home project just to even begin to play but other than that what are you looking for exactly

send me a PM with what you need, and I will see what I can do.

I was doing some work for you guys in the past, but I was under a different name then.
I have dome some work for caedes too in the past. I am a very clean modeler with years of experience :smiley:
(is this Cyanox or PK?)

To read my comments concerning MMOs, click here.

Are you up to the challenge :evilgrin:?

I think MMORPGs are a good concept/game type, but I haven’t found one I can enjoy at all. It seems most of them are rather stupid or not my genre.

Thats simply personal preference. If the type you are looking for is impossible because of its scaled then I think your preference needs a re-evaluation.

You see, I would like to see an MMORPG that takes place everywhere imaginable. And I mean Everywhere. In other words, one MASSIVE game that has people living on billions of planets, in millions of galaxies, and thousands of parallel Universes.

Why would you want something that goes beyond capabilities of current real life to an enormous degree? Sure that would be neato and all but its a lofty goal that will never be obtained.

The only problem with that is that even if I gave one copy of the game to EVERY person on the planet, along with a capable computer with Internet access capable of such a massive data stream, I still wouldn’t have enough people playing to fill every planet, let alone every galaxy and every Universe.

I’m pretty sure that while I live in the tree of insanity you have quite possibly leapt out of the tree and into an exceptionally deep trench that throws my levels of insanity and inanity into some sort of exponential equation and multiplies by infinity.

So, for now, I still don’t see my type of game being created. And to me, this is going to be just like the other MMORPGs. No different.

Obviously this was written in a different thread than ours so its not necessarily directed at us. That said I do think that our goals are somewhat different, much more modest in scale and with different intent and goals.

One of the reasons I spend so much time contributing is because I believe in the vision and because I think that the OpenSource gaming world needs a true pure open source alternative in the online RPG market. It needs to be good enough to be impressive to the casual observer and offer something for the long term players. It needs to be easy to contribute to and easy to reuse the engine for artists with different visions. If such goals are met then I truly believe that it will be a positive step in the advancement of open source software adoption. It brings something to the oss world that is lacking in my opinion.

I am up to the challenge of the more sane and modest goals of our project. I wouldn’t not be contributing to it if I didn’t believe that we could meet these goals.

looks like you woke up our trolls…
Sorry about that, we do have some serious people around here (who actually know what they are talking about), just give it some time.

Rather an ambitious project - I wish you every sucess, I’m a bit tied up at the moment but would have loved to help!

I understand how that goes, I’m a bit tied up with this project at the moment and wouldn’t have time for another. Thank you for your well wishes!

@Mmph, thank you for stopping by, that was a phenominal pack you contributed and I really appriciate it. We all do! Good to see you back around :smiley: