a grease pencil animation

best viewed in HD

Pretty Funny.

Nice. well done

cool animation! :slight_smile:

That is really cool! I would have never thought of doing something like that with the grease pencil.

Any screen captures to show workflow? Pretty cool, was it a rotomation, ie. drawn over?

Yes, I got started and I thought… hey I could rotoscope this instead of designing a character.

perspective camera set to 35mm focal length
set up perspective camera to see the background image, an empty here might be a good idea for when the camera gets moved accidentally.

Use ‘cursor’ mode for grease pencil, that way can zoom into image. Don’t move cursor or enjoy redrawing later :stuck_out_tongue:
BG (purple lines) was set far back, I had ‘plans’ for the background that got shelved.

the background image avi is probably too large which causes problems, but I muddled through it - Blowing up 320x240 qt mov’s to fit 1920x1080 was pointless and only caused performance issues.

BG image turned off when I had to smooth out jump cuts and resort to the onion skin. At least one feature request came to mind (different colour for ‘next’ frames).


world 'horizon (and zenith?) colour has to be set to 0 or else the render will have a grey background.

When the animation was ‘done’ I rendered (openGL) each element (grease pencil layer) to it’s own folder (such as RedWiz) in an uncompressed RGBA targa sequence. I didn’t bother screwing around with step by twos for those sections that are on 2’s.


blender Node compositing…
I discovered that (example: the lightning)…
You need the EXACT number of frames in the Node. You need a blank as last frame for those elements that dissappear.
Each layer got a bit of something usually to thicken up / blur the lines and a chain of mix nodes in Add mode to assemble it - couldn’t find a ‘master mix’ node like a gimp/PSP image.

The final render was uncompressed PNG sequence without an alpha channel.


So what’s better then muddling along with a program I am not super familiar with? Why using two of course. I imported the sequence into Lightworks - a bit overkill because there is no video editing at this point.
It might have been ‘neato’ to try fitting wax into the equation with the original layers, but by this time I was a tad tired of working on this.
I’ll look at that later.

After using Audacity to scream (as much as possible with a cold) into a mic I added the incantations. A search at FreeSound provided the lightning strike.

haha good idea

thats awesome i might try this some time