A greeble Plugin

hi, your welcome to add your new script to the sourceforge site if you like :slight_smile:
Also if you could create a page here: http://projects.blender.org/projects/bf-extensions/ in the upload section for the discombobulator script. we can start pushing this towards contrib & release.
you can read this for more information: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Py/Sharing

  • you are welcome to drop into irc freenode #blenderpython for chat with other py devs.
    thanks :slight_smile:

I tried out the latest version and it does seem to fix the triangle eyes missing on the Suzzane object. But this script still has a confusing workflow. Why does it make two objects? And why is the second object a giant jumbled mess of the first?

I think this script is begging for some kind of interactive control. Is there any way to make adjustments on-the-fly and have the mesh reflect those changes in the viewport?



Question. Is there a new version. I’m using Blender 2.6 and very much into sci-fi space ships creation. That this might be a help. The script I saw was for Blender 2.5 so I’m not sure if its compatible with 2.6


Interesting concept this is. :yes:
To add more surface detail on polygons and having the script interactive.
Can not this be done using particles and rendering groups of user modeled objects.
I can imagine the alignment of the groups sub-objects being to the polygons normal.
The trick would be where to place these sub-objects on the polygons.
So a offset to polygon center might be adjustable.
And scale the sub-object to match the polygons areas.
With that implemented it is not much of a stretch for the imagination for additional level of objects to the first set of sub-objects.
Oh well maybe i am just dreaming.
A method to select polygons and assign to a group for adding these details to.
Before we know it a new improved plugin is at hand!

hi, current api changes to


have broken this script.
an update would be awesome

This file works with 2.63 official

yes & it’s included in the contrib addons in svn.

Hello. I’m using 2.64a. Will this work with it? And…how exactly do I execute the script? (I’m new. Sorry.) Many thanks.

@Astro1derboy: If you are having trouble installing a script as an addon you can just paste the python code into a text window and run the code. Try the lucifer1101 link above or just pull down the BLEND file I have attached. After running the code nothing will appear to have happened but the tool is actually in memory and running. Move your mouse into the 3D viewport and press the T-KEY to reveal the tools panel. You will have to scroll down a bit till you see the Discombobulate roll out. Open it up and there will a button and some options. The script works on a selected mesh object so select the default cube and run the script and it will generate a new mesh object based upon the cube or whatever you select.


263_chichiris_discombobulate.blend (660 KB)

Thank you very much, Atom. I will try this soon. I appreciate the workflow.

Is this available in the current stable build of Blender?

I’d like to know also.

looking very nice

I just pulled down the above posted 2.63 example BLEND file and ran it in 2.68a and it generated a discombobulated cube.

Hello guys,
got 2.73 discombulator does not create doodas any help would be appreciated

I’m working on a similar addon.

Great, there are never enough nurnies.

Could you tell me where to download newest version?

i believe it to be in Meta-Androcto GitHub (check his signature)
>>> mesh_GreebleFX.py (save as)

Thank you.