A Green Horse and a Leopard

This is a picture my sister did a few months ago that I finally convinced her to let me post because she did not think people would like it. I think otherwise, so feel free to post your comments. If the reasponse is good you might just see more of her work.

This is the picture she used as reference

Here is the picture drawn with colored pencils and gel pens

i like it. :smiley:
the colors are somewhat strange but there are alot of well drawn details.

Well my mom wanted it done in those colors because it was her Christmas present

very nice, does/has your sister attend/ed any art school?

No, she is an art lover through and through, and has been getting better all the time.

Thankyou for the interest, she has quite a few pictures, and I will see If I can post others.

Your sister has a good eye for shape, line and color. Very impressive. Not many people could use such outlandish colors and make it work! A note to your self-taught sister: put together a portfolio and send it around to art schools, you may find a scholarship waiting for you. You’re doing high quality work. Imagine what you could accomplish with some training. Back to catboy85, did I mention that your horse is awesome, too? Looks like talent, a strong work ethic and attention to detail runs in the family.

This is the sister speaking, I would just like to say THANK YOU!!! Oh and my brother thanks you also.

Our mother has always encouraged us to pursue our talents, we are both homeschooled.

Your sister really did a good job on that drawing. I really like creative colors.

I’m homeschooled too!! I wonder how many blenderheads here are Homeschoolers?

This is a drawing My sister did for my Birthday a couple years ago.
If you think its to big I can resize it;)

Wow, that’s pretty nice! I’d like to know what she used to draw it and what kind of a reference she had for it, if that would be possible.

that leopard pics lovely, and the detail is very good, usually pictures look rubbish when they are made big, but this looks great big and small! (i had to shrink it to see it properly)

Well, I can’t post the photo because it is copyright Tom Brakefield, but I can give you a link where I got it from http://www.webshots.com/g/25/550-sh/18620.html

She used colored pencils on an 18in by 12in drawing pad.

Yes, I did some cleanup work in Gimp after scanning it in in two peaces and putting them back together again. also improved the colors because I have not found a scanner yet that does not scew up the hue and saturation levels

your sister realy should go to some art school, if she has begome this good on her own then, belive me an artschool can take her skills to the top, i mean it its worth it!