A Gryphon

Hi it’s me again: The King of unfinished projects:o.

I haven’t been using blender much lately, so I did this as a kind of exercise to get me back into it again. I have never done anything in blender without a reference image right behind what I am making. So I decided to try modeling a birds head and see how far I could get on memory alone.

I am quite happy with the results so far and am planning on turning this into a Gryphon when I finish a project I’m doing for my sister.

This is all polygon pushing, no sculpting. For some reason I can’t seem to get a feel for sculpting at all:spin:.

All comments welcome. I’ll post a wire frame when I get the chance. Thank you.


Looks good so far. Nothing really to critic.

Thank you.

Cool looking bird head. Good job.

what model did you use?

i touhg this was supposed to be sort of a monster lookl

but the head look very smooth not like a monster at all!

keep up the good work


I kind of don’t know too much about grythons outside of being a bird-like creature as I’m a Dragon instead but it looks like a nice start.

cool! i wait for the lion body!

Do a search for Gryphons on google and you can get a good Idea of what their typical look is. I have never thought of gryphons looking like a monster. I always thought they were cool looking.

Thanks for all the comments!

Just a quick update. Reworked allot of the topology, and he can hear now.


Doing your work very nicely and clean. As for the ears, I’ve seen Gryphons with or without them. For the ones I have seen that have ears, I like this method they use for ears:


Just my suggestion. I’d like to know the method your going to use for feathers but I’ll let that come all in good time when you get to it.

Very nice start of a gryphon if not the best I’ve seen so far. I’m with the suggestion above. I prefer them with ears as it gives a nice shape to the head especially if the fluffy kind of ear is used. Would especially look nice from a chase-camera view :smiley:

I’m trying out different ears. Here’s the first set.


I,m still trying out different ears. Still going to try a third kind and will post it when I am finished.


Now if only Trico would look that good :stuck_out_tongue:

I read an interview with the creator of the game where he says that they deliberately made Trico look a little off.

Here are the last of the ears. Which one do you guys think I should use. I’m really liking the middle one, but the others have their strong points to.


The one in the middle has the strongest points :slight_smile:

I have to say that the middle one flows better with the head

I’d go with the one in the middle as well.
The other two remind me of donkeys.
Not exactly as prideful as a Gryphon.
Also I like the modelling, but you’ve got a 6pole at the end of the beak, and a 7* near the eyeball.
Do you plan on animating him later?

I’ve always seen these ‘ears’ as more of feathered horns rather than ears themselves. But so far it looks good, just the ears don’t really match the Griffin well enough.

Middle ones with fuzzy fur would be the best I think. Concerning Trico I heard something similar like Cat+Griffin but no matter what it is it doesn’t really look good. But in the end that’s a question of taste.