A guide to Valarking's posts

Just wanted to explain some interwebs abbreviations that I’m using so I don’t have to explain myself in individual threads.

ibl - In before lock
itt - In this thread
ftw - For the win
ftl - For the lose
ftmfw - (Self explanatory)
interwebs/interconnects - Internet
gtfo - Get the * out
serious cat - The thread is saved

Just wanted to clear that up so you all can enjoy my posts to the fullest extent possible.

Another thing, lighten up everyone, despite what my cat might say, the interwebs aren’t always serious business.

I give my approval and personal signature to this incredible thread and I suggest that it be stickied out of principle.

how does your head fit through doors? sideways?

for the humor impaired: due to massive ego implied by above post

TheNodeRanger what u just said was plain out messed up lol

i can now take the fullest advantage of the things you say. somebody sticky this.


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I don’t have to, the doors make way for me.

man! so much wisdom in so few words! enlightening! :wink:

To all who voted this 5 stars, you get my thanks and that should be enough to keep you warm for weeks. To those who rated it 1 star, gtfo.

ITT valarking pumps hot air into his ego balloon.

Surely the fact that you had to clue the rest of the community in on your “abbreviations” should be a pretty large indicator that now is probably a better time than ever to start pushing those extra four keys it takes to speak English?

the serious cat is my buddy…

I have some better abbreviations: OSA HDRI AO RGBA IOR :wink:

Nope. Not at all. The abbreviations aren’t used for brevity.

umm. vlarking… i made you cat better a few pages back on that one thread. he neded glasses and a pipe so i gave it them

Sorry scabootssca, the cat does better sans pipe and glasses.

edit: guess you can’t post pictures of ceiling cat watching you… oh well. it was funny…

pic deleted!http://barwick.de/blog/files/ceiling-cat-is-watching-you-masturbate.jpg


Now that is great humor!!! (talking about topic)


Thanks for the signature. We will all do our best to use it.


And we know where this one is going…


FYI, Administrators can divide by zero.