A gun that cant be in gameplay

Hey Blenderartist,

I have recently been thinking about making a gun that can shoot bulllets and so on which I dont know how to do yet. Hopefully someone can find a tutorial on it. I kinda a noob right now. Anyway, I had traced a gun and everything is complete, but sort of a crappy job. That not the point tho and its all part of the learning process for me. Well, for some reason everytime I go to Game-play game I get a error report from microsoft. I am sure every single person has seen this in with MSDOS. So If you would like to help me out here, I have no clue what is wrong. I am getting a little aggrevated. I shall provide the file for all to see the encountering problem soon.
Thanks everyone
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P.S. Tutorial on how to make a gun shoot would be cool please.

well hmmm…you would have to learn animation simple Iso should work, and then create a tracer,the bullet that you can see you know in the old war documentaries the bullets that light up…in reality a tracer is shot every 3 to 4 bullets that you can not see because its moving too fast, with halos…thats just if you don’t want to put it in a game. theres more if you do but I don’t know that yet.

DO you know what is wrong with the file tho from the website? more feedback on shooting bulllets would be cool.

There is more then one reason for a program to crash. Because you had it once means not you know why it crashes for somone else in a different situation. In you case the game engine couldn’t convert your scene to the internal game format.

The problem in your blend file is the gun mesh. I replaced the mesh with a simple cube and it was fine. I reapplied the gun mesh and it crashed.

I have no idea what exactly the problem is to make the game engine crash. Your gun mesh is a little bit …hmm… misdesigned.

  • You should at least remove all the faces inside the gun. You will never see them. Switch to wireframe mode when editing.
  • Switch on “draw normals” in the “Mesh Tools1” panel while in edit mode. This helps you to identify the direction a face is looking at. (they all should look outside).
  • Make sure you do not have faces defined twice (<w>->“Remove Doubles” should help).If this is to much work or does not help you should think of starting from scratch.


Hey Thanks alot. I figured to just restart and start a new mesh. Why toil around with it with something that has unnecesary faces and is faced the wrong way. I should have been smarter when I designed it. Like I said its part of the designing process. Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.