a guy

Hi guys
here a model I worked on to test out my custom skin shader in Cycles. I’m pretty happy with the result even I spent on this no more than 3 days.
a lot of stuff to fix as the ears and the eyes, but it is time to move on something new!
No post-pro is involved, just a little bit of leveling.

hi-res here:


hey maxx nice portrait, I like the result!

you take less time to achieve a great result in skin :smiley:

The skin shader works very well! If you change your mind and finalize the other parts of the image you are going for a killer portrait!

cool shader nice :yes:

Love it! Great character, awesome shader and in just 3 days… impressive.
As you say the eyes need a little more work, the size of the iris feels off in particular. The character is awesome nonetheless.

Nice, but the normal/bump map look a little strong to me.

thankyou for the positive feedback, I wanted to put more effort on this, but you know, I am a busy guy xD
so stay tuned!