A hairy situation

I am trying to learn Blender’s new hair system and downloaded the free chapter of Bounce Tumble and Splash to try and do that. This has been a great help in understanding Blender’s hair system but I have failed to understand one particular panel well. In the links and pipeline panel you can click the strand button and toggle ‘the use blender units’ button to set the size that the particles will render at. My particular problem is that if you model to scale of 1BU = 1m. How would one set the size of the hair particles.

According to wikipedia the size of human hair ranges from 17 to 181 microns. Using that scale would mean setting a start and end size somewhere in the range of 0.000017 to 0.000181 something I can’t do as Blender only allow you to input values to three decimal places it seems.

In a recent thread about modeling scale, the 1BU = 1m was about the most common scale used in fact it was mentioned that was the scale that was used by the Peach team,http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=145481&highlight=modeling+scale, . From that I can concluded that its not impossible to create hair for a character modeled at that scale

I am a bit confused at the moment so any help would be great


I have not checked this out, but is there a reason you cannot just scale your model(or entire scene)larger…I must be missing the point here???

@tyrant monkey:
I’m not sure there’s any way to do that, which is a shame, because as it stands there’s not a great way to adapt the thickness of strands for shots where the camera dramatically zooms or dollies toward or away from the camera.

That said, if you don’t need to do a lot of zooming in or switching between full-body and extreme close-up shots, you should be able to use a pixel value instead of a Blender Units value, and just tweak it until it looks right.
This problem could be fixed pretty easily if someone were to add a “scale” option to the strand render options.

Particles, Rigid/Soft Body physics, cloth, fluid and SSS all require some scale to be accurate. For Rigid Bodies in particular, (if not all of the rest) the default is 1bu = 1m, and can’t reasonably be changed to a larger scale, because gravity can’t be set higher than 10.0 (as compared with the default 9.81).

thanks for the replies, my particular roadblock is the just what TheGryphonRider says, Rigid/Soft bodies, cloth and fluid work best when you stick to a scale of 1BU = 1m, I think I just need to get my hands on the BBB production files and have a look around.