A Hall (updated)

Another late night quickie.
This time about 20 minutes in Blender, and 10 in Photoshop

sweet! i think the light from the door should be toned down a bit, maybe a halo lamp bahind it, and could we see some blender screenshots, an unshaded render, a raw render, and a few of those killer textures? there not procedural are they?

The textures (except from the one on the door) are procedural. I’ll add a raw render tomorrow maybe…

sweet! wut were they? i hope you do post one tommorow

I say too, procedural texture is stunning here, and the light is so sun-like, reflecting on the wall and even and little halo around… but maybe this is a photoshop trick… :o

Well – From the band configuration I’ll guess that the texture hannibar is using is the T_marble Terrain plugin.

These are much better than the built in procedurals as they actually bump correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

Hannibar: Nice work, but there is too much bumpiness — Did you turn the OSA setting up in the plugins texture buttons? They look a little raw.

raw render :

As you can see, I added some glow in the final picture, some noise, painted some more shadows and played a bit with more colours.

About the procedurals : These are indeed the terrain plugins. It’s a mixture af three plugins, including the T_marble Terrain plugin. I turned the global OSA to 11, and the OSA setting in the plugin to 16, so for me it’s a mistery where those artifacts come from.

Put halo on the lamp behind the door.

update : changed lighting.
Little more contrast for better mood.

Whichone do you like best, and why ?

This last is way cool

But some light filtering from the door is necessary!


Very nice, but the reflection of the wall and floor are way to bright!

last one, but i think the light from the door needs to come back, but not quite as bright as it was before, then it would be awesome (more than it already is)

Great images Hannibar. I think both of them have good parts to them. Since you are using Photoshop, I suggest you create a new image with the two versions on separate layers and play around with the layer blending modes to mix the lighting of the two images (multiply might work?).

This way you can get the strong volumetric lighting from the second image, and the door light and reflected lighting from the first image - should be a winning combination.

Looking forward to the update.

Looks like an abandoned 1750’s factory.