A hall...

just a hall, nothing awesome


That looks like a place that I could have a really nice time in.

It’s actually rather pleasant to look at for some reason. :slight_smile:

oh i must’ve forgotten: i’m looking for comments %|

You could add some textures…

caustics (photons in yafray)

caustics…what about 'em?

anyone have a tutorial on that? i’ve seen one around here, but that dealy with glass, not reflections, (last time i remember, anyway)

it’d be even cooler if there were more details on the walls… like computer terminals or something. it just looks like a hallway on a spaceship, so some tech stuff would fit in.

i dont think i’m going to add anything to this, but i’m getting ideas for future projects :smiley:

Could use more realistic lighting

caustics can be reflected and/or refracted. In case its reflected (as by a mirror or a chrome ball) then set anyway an IOR value in the Ray Transp tab of the Shading (F5) menu. Cast photons as usual and enjoy :slight_smile:

Modron gave a link to IOR for a lot of materials here.

Hope this helps

ok, but how do i do caustics? yafray? yafray wont work for me (error, then crash :< ), so i cant do caustics, the way they did it that tutorial i saw around here anyway…
can it be done with blender internal?

My comments:
-Add textures!
-The shadows of the cubes look blocky.
-The mist at the back starts too abruptly, make it a bit more gradual.