A hat, a sweatshirt, and a pair of spectacles on a head.

(vetzeen) #1

This is something i want to submit to the blender3d demoreel competition at steven2002’s website.

Everything is made with blender except for the textures, which are created/manipulated with the gimp. The background is from a tourist website somewhere, I probably lost the link forever.

Glasses made with a lot of experimenting on blender’s material editor. Took a while, but i think i got the job done atleast on that part.

The head model is based on a famous actress’s front/side veiws, then tweaked a whole lot so she dosent actually resembles her. If no one can guess, then I think Its a good sign, lol.

Anyway, tell me what you guys think.


This is actually my 3rd blender model, not the second as some of you guys might think. The second one is a toon i made as an entry for the 10 second club. Ill post that too when i get a bigger webspace.

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(NateTG) #3

good job. :o what actress? I think it looks kinda like angelina jolie (tomb raider) but i could be wrong.

(adyus) #4

great job! only a few crits: some hair strands would look nice on her face; is it just me or is her face dirty? which tutorials did you use for modelling? textures look great

(gudi3d) #5

Good job! I would say the actress is Sandra Bullock, am I right?

(vetzeen) #6

Thanks for the crits and comments everyone.

adyus, I think you are right, I shall add more hair strands to her. I think the dirt effect is too much of the nor map, i will reduce that also and see if she would have a cleaner look. As for what tute i used on her, im not sure if i can name any in particular, but the blender data base sure help me get out of a lot of tight places as i modeld.

And for the rest, nope its not sandra bullock or angelina jolie.

(vetzeen) #7

Ok, i found an older version of her, she is actually based on Natalie Portman side and front view at first. Like i said, the pic, at least to me, resembles her a lot, so i decided to make her look more diffrent.

Heres the older pic before more tweaking.


(Turrin) #8

I agree with gudi3d, I think it is Sandra Bullock. Anyways, good job with it.

(banana_sock) #9

the pic with glasses doesn’t look that much like natalie portman, but the one without glasses looks alot like her. Both are nice pics!

(bgrav) #10

both pics are awesome :o You have great blender skills (alot better than mine!).

Keep it up,

P.S. I thought it was Angelina Jolie from the first pic even before I saw NateTG’s post! But the Natalie Portman pic, awesome

(vetzeen) #11

the more i look at the first pic, the more sandra bullock she seems, good observation people. Im curently rendering the new version with hair. I know this is a final project section, this thread might be moved to WIP soon if i do.

Thanks for the comments, and stay tunned for the latest update in an hour or so.

This may be off-topic but have any of you wondered how caps lock always get activated after some intensive blender work? Most likely a blender newbie syndrome.

(vetzeen) #12


What was done,
The hat changed a lot.
Some minor improvements all over.
Texture reduced nor maps.
Camera position changes
Added a lamp

Hopfully she blendes better into the background now. I think this one is better than the first post.

(adyus) #13

this is SOO mush better. Can’t say I notice any big change in the hat, but you really hit the spot with that hair. I could swear she looks just like Sandra Bullock now. The skin looks “cleaner” now too. But I just noticed the upper lip seems a little small compared to the lower one and to the space between lips and nose.

(vetzeen) #14

Once again adyus, i think you are right. I will make the upper lips thicker.

(adyus) #15

hey, I was right two times already, do I get a bonus ifI’m right the third time? :smiley: I wish ppl would make such good suggestions to my posted work too. umm, does she have an ear lobe? (just trying for the third hit :wink: ) don’t worry, I’ve seen many ppl without an earlobe.

p.s. ever thought that with small changes to the face she might look like Lara Croft? That background looks a little like Paris, maybe they’ll hire you over there at Core or Eidos :smiley:

(vetzeen) #16

She does have a sort of earlobe but i havent given much attention to the details on that part.

But you got a 3rd hit anyway, actually the pic is from a sort of tourist website… and the original file name is something like paris_cafe.jpg. The force is strong in this one indeed! LOL! your ESP is going over the meter, adyus! And as for me getting into Core or Edios, thats unlikely to happen for i am no where near paris.

(adyus) #17

no, I meant their latest game (TR:AoD) is set in Paris, and I think if you go to www.tombraider.com and use some reference pics, you should refine your model to look like Lara and send it to them to see what they think. (you can post it on the forum). lol, talk about the force :smiley: I just rented Episode one b4 reading your post

(adyus) #18

me again. just wanted to ask how you got that beautiful varied specularity map for her skin? did u paint it in gimp? or is it just good lighting?

btw, I’d like to see other poses, too. (idea: talking on the cell phone nad getting angry :wink: )

(vetzeen) #19

Speculiarity. Yes, i did use the gimp for editing human skin textures and played with the material editor a lot.

I might do some diffrent poses for her.

(vetzeen) #20

It took a long while, but i found some time to update my model. a small update. The mouth changed, like how adyus sugested it. I thikened the upper lip a tad and made the lower lip a bit thinner. Also, I changed the hair shade a bit to give it more depth.