A hat and a cane

This is my first post and one of my first projects. I know theres a small problem with the hat textures.

A- I try two methods for the hat:
1- First, I used the top half of a UVsphere, modeled using Vertex loop (Alt+B) and playing a bit with Scale and moving along Z; but I didn´t like the outcome.
2- Then I changed to a Plane, which was Subdivided twice, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M to select Non-manifold, Ctrl+Shift+S and holding Ctrl to transform to Sphere. Extrude (E-key), and again playing a bit with Scale and moving along Z.

B- The cane is a circle along a path, then Face Loop Cut in the Loop/Cut Menu (K) to recreate the knots of the cane.

C- Finally, YafRay render (Method: FULL, Quality: HIGH, Depth: 5)


Mariano - Buenos Aires - Argentina

your modeling isnt the best but the textures youve made are amazing!

are they procedural?

i don’t think they are procedural… it’s a quite good uvmapping

Hat -> UVMapping
Cane -> UVMapping

Procedural textures: Cane -> Displace - Wood (band noise)
Cane knots -> UVPaint
The hat texture is a picture of a piece of cloth.