A head I'm working on...

(freckleface) #1

hey ppl…

I guess I started old blender up again and decided I’d try something a bit more challenging then my last model. This is what I got.

briefcase.yahoo.com/bc/freckleface87_99/...I think this will work. Tell me if it doesn’t.

Let me know what you think.

FF :slight_smile:

(LohnS) #2

comes up that the folder is empty =/

(YAYA) #3

I’ve never seen such good render of an Empty :wink:


(freckleface) #4

well since that didn’t work…we’ll try this.


yeah it is wack…

p.s. try to copy paste

(Pooba) #5

Hmm, that’s ok, kinda flat though, try to make the face a bit more slanted back. Also, the eyes look funky, maybe a pupil and make them a bit skinnier.

Hey, it’s better than I could do :wink:


(sten) #6

tried…to copy and pasted…

did not work :slight_smile:

(wewa_juicyb) #7

click on the link then go to the url thingy and add a space, now refresh, it should work this way…
P.S> he needs to have a more rounded face, concidering his “fatness”.

(basse) #8

wow, what do you know, freckles… :slight_smile:

love the ears and mouth.