a head try

i tried to follow the tutorials but…ehh…i guess i have not able to follow one at all:) i began with a box modelling then turned to poly technique. i will add details and try to uv map it.i hope it looks something.here are the pics:



Can you post a screenshot of the mesh in Edit mode with the 3D window in Solid mode? This will show us the topology much better then rendering with a wireframe mesh. It looks like you got a nice start on the general shape, but I think your topology could use a lot of work. And the textures could definitly see some improvement, but concentrate on the mesh before the color.

you mean something like that i guess,
did some little enhancements meantime.(nosehole and played with the general shape a bit)


and a new closeup


i gave up to play with topology i can not do better at the moment i think.
so i am shifting to other steps.

and now: i tried to do with LSCM but all pinnings and stetching?:slight_smile: things confusing for me really.

i decided to color on the mesh directly with texture paint.


now a face animation test.played with shape keys,pretty quick work.

*but i wanna learn to do with the cool shape drivers? i got the logic of that but some question marks exists…

here is the link(*just 99KB) download

*i need some comments-cause i know this test is not good enough.

**i want commmeeentss :slight_smile:
** happy new years :Z