A Head, what a surprise.

Hey, This time… another head model. I was aiming for realism, but somehow, I always end up making things a bit stylised and cartoony. It doesn’t have any ears yet and I’m wondering how I should do the neck and the shoulders, using the right topology that is. Texturing is absolutely… one of my weakest points…unwrapping isn’t a problem… but my self painted textures always end up so incredibly… bland and boring.

Latest update:

The start

Anyone crits on topology, hints/tips on topology around the neck and shoulders, and texturing… lots of tutorials out there… I know, but if one pops to mind… of which you might think: that one, you should try that one for sure.


Good stuff , no crits from me my head still looks crap lol

Well, I haven’t done the ears yet, which for me, is always a pain and I still use the videotut by mr_bomb:P And there’s this one loop which goes around the jaw and is supposed to go around the ear but instead it ends at the hole where the ear will be, which isn’t a good thing.

No update, but I’m really annoyed about the side of the head, it looks awfull for some reason. I wonder if the topology is right, anyone any ideas…My main annoyance is that the head looks too round/long from the side, while it looks sort of okay from the front, here’s what I mean:


Here is a good skin surfacing tutorial


i think the neck should be like this:

(yeah ms paint rocks :RocknRoll:)

Hey BleedForMe,

Your head model is looking really good! The topology is almost spot on. Your main problem area right now is just the proportions and general shape of the head. Primarily the head is too tall in proportion to it’s width. Using a a sketch I had lying around I just did a quick overlay that may help you out :slight_smile:


Remember, there are a few good rules in anatomy that can really help you get the proportions correct:

  1. The eyes are directly in the center of the head, from top to bottom.
  2. The head is five eyes wide.
  3. If you cut the bottom half, below the eyes, in half, that’s the bottom of the nose. Cut that area in half again and you have the center of the lips.
  4. The top of the ears line up with the top of the eye.
  5. The bottom of the ears should line up with the bottom of the nose.
  6. The front of the ear is in the center of the head, from left to right when view from the side.

There are a lot more but those should help you out :slight_smile:

Keep asking questions and keep blending! Great work so far.


finally after 3 years I’m able to get the topology right. I tweaked the proportions and I have to model the ear. Then it’ll be a whole new area for me, texturing is new for me, so that’ll be my greatest challenge. I’m trying to build up a reasonably good portfolio 'cause I’m thinking of applying to HKU(Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) which means I’ll be going for Bachelor of the Arts in either animation or gamedesign. So I need things to be good from now on and I need support cause I tend to give up projects after some time, so if I don’t post updates for 5 days, please kick me in the nads.

Anyways, here’s the update


I don’t see much difference from your last image. I think what you really need to tweak is the width. It is too narrow now. Mr. Bomb’s frontview sketch is a good reference.

Good luck with the application :slight_smile:

Very impressive, you seem to have avoided all the topology pitfalls that plague most face models.

Hi Daniel!!! you haven’t showed me this yet lol

Thanks. Took me long enough though, I think it’s only appropriate after three years of seemingly no progress whatsoever.

Brad, this is the thing I was looking up the muscular topology for, I think that would help me a great deal in understanding organic modelling.


Here’s an update, started texturing, made the head a little wider and did some… rather bad ears, and gave him some facial hair.



Little update, playing with SSS and started a bump- and specularmap, also redid the colormap. Thing is,… now it just looks cartoony and stylized.

Any suggestions?


Did a paintover showing some issues with the back of the head and the ear for you:

As far as the cartoon feel is concerned, there needs to be some more detail in the colour map, and some bump mapping to give some pore/wrinkle detail would really help too.
Good topology by the way, very clean.

I changed a bit to match more of your idea ben, and now it’s really… making or finding a good skin shader,… cause… it looks like crap at the moment, can’t tweak the SSS properly and blablabla. Also, I don’t have any prior experience with material and texturenodes… so… any suggestions?


Okay, threw out the colormap and decided to do the skinshader first… used that blenderart magazine shader as a base, kept the bumpmap(I’d call it a normalmap, but it’s black and white so…). Now I need to redo the colormap, but first I’d have to find out who he is and what he’d be like… cause I seriously need a personality for him to finish it.


Sorry, couldn’t help myself…


Anyway, tweaked the lips to look a little more realistic, minor update really, but makes a big difference in my opinion.


Unless you intend your model to be able to wiggle his ears, I don’t see where it matters that much.

I know what you mean about modelling ears but having come from a background that included programming, my philosophy is, never rewrite existing code. Just cut paste and modify as required. Otherwise you never get anything done. I made one decent ear and have been using it ever since:) Not to say I haven’t made fixes or improvements and of course, there’s a million ways to shape an ear.

Well, as you might have noticed, i have the ears now, I did it all by myself mommy :P.

Anyway, put it some… probably temporary eyes, and started a really really simple colormap… butmap need a LOT more detail I know, but I still don’t really have a personality for it.