A head.

Hi everybody,

Here is the head I’m working on - C&C much appreciated.

This is my first head, so be gentle!

It’s taken about two days to model - one for the head, and one for the eyes & mouth. I modelled without reference (naughty I know) starting from a box.

Topology - Subsurf

Looking good. I am going to suggest making the top half of his head a bit bigger though. If you were to look at an actual head, and take measurments, you would find that the area above the eyes, and the area below the eyes are of roughly the same proportions. I really like the eye sockets, but the eye could be a little more spherical. I’m not sure if that is just an illusion caused by the angle, but they look a tad flat. But good work. Oh, and a little thing I learned from making puppets,…It’s always a good idea to point the eyes at a slight angle from one another, instead of straight ahead, which can give the impression of cross-eyed-ness.

Thanks Modron,

I knew about the eyes being in the centre of the head and it was supposed to be like that - thanks for pointing it out.

The eyes are uv spheres. Hmmm perhaps the iris is too big.

Cool tip on the eye focus - I’m now tracking them to an empty.

move the empty a little futher away, he looks cross eyed :smiley:

cool head, you dont wanna see my first try shudders

how about setting him up to track 2 empties, one for each eye, the empties being slightly further apart from each other than the eyes. The idea is to point them a bit outward from each other. I couldn’t tell you the why of this, but it is standard practice among sculptors. I think it is because, when we look at something, we mostly don’t focus on it directly, with both eyes, but with one, while the other gazes slightly out to the side.
Actually,…this idea makes more sense the more I think about it,…this way you can change the the relative position of his eyes by adjusting the empties, say, if he was reading a book, they could be moved a little closer together, or if driving, a bit further apart, etc. [!]

My suggestions:

  • scale down the cheek bones, they’re sticking out quite far

  • make the forehead more vertical, right now it’s angling back pretty early, making the head look small and deformed

  • make the ridge of the nose a bit smoother

  • make the chin a bit less pointy

  • and have a look at some reference images, it’s really worthwhile to understand the forms and shapes :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments guys. reblended.com seems to be down, so I’ll post updates soon.

OK, howabout now?


I have had another crack at the eye focus, and modified the head shape slightly (right).

I quite like that elfin pointy look. :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. I swapped a hard drive out and I thought it wouldn’t do anything, but I didn’t realize that my config files were on it. That kind of messed up the apache process once my backups kicked in and took the system offline for about 5 hours. Oops. I apologize.

He is looking really good. I am curious to see what he will look like with a bit of detail. (eyebrows and stuff)

Great update, the head on the right looks metter then the left one. Just add some things to the head, and it will totaly rock. :stuck_out_tongue: