A Helicopter

This is a helicopter I am working on. When I UV mapped it it had some really shiny areas. Do you think I am using too much light?


Maybe reduce the intensity just a little. I’m not very good with materials, so that’s the mosts I can tell you.

make sure the lights are far away from the actual model, or you could just use AO

Thanks. I can try that.

It’s not so much the amount of light as it is the amount of specular highlight. Spec values are one of those things where everyone starts out and thinks ‘shiny metal, must need heaps of spec’ but now that I’ve had a bit more practice, I rarely use a spec value higher than 0.150 - 0.200 because even materials like glass and metal gain a lot of their ‘shinyness’ from other things like reflection.

http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1235994 - nice current example, the Jag MK2. The only real ‘specular’ highlights of note in the image are little white dots on the front of the car. The bulk of its shiny appearance comes from the reflection value.

AO can help a lot, Approximate AO (or just AAO) is much faster.

Not sure how long this has been online, but I only found it yesterday and I think it’s great.
Make sure to read the bits on using a gradient for AO/AAO - never realised how much of an impact that could have.

Some food for thought.