A helper script for modelling symetric objects


I wrote a script for modelling symetric objects.
It is here: http://sweb.cz/vnd/symetry/

Here is an example what the script can do.



I am sure that some parts of the script could be written better, I am a beginner in python.

I don’t see much wrong with the current method:

linked duplicated (alt+d) of half of your object, that is flipped (by scale command and x or y key) along one axis, with double sided turned off

… Well, I don’t see anything wrong with it except the seam it causes (meshes have to be joined later), and how it doesn’t require verticies along the mirrored plane to stay there (wings does both)

umm, now how is your script better? (honestly, I don’t mean to put you down), it seems to work different, how does it work (I am too lazy to download it)

The way with alt-D is good for creating rough model.
The script helps you make corrections after you join the meshes.

Hey coolness !
It does not like extrude though

edge in 2 faces, this should not happen
edge in 2 faces, this should not happen
edge in 2 faces, this should not happen
corresp face already set 462 30
corresp face already set 1001 926
corresp face already set 1002 927
corresp face already set 1003 945
corresp face already set 1007 992
corresp face already set 1010 15
corresp face already set 1014 73
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “symetry.py”, line 596, in bevent
File “symetry.py”, line 541, in run
File “symetry.py”, line 142, in findSymetry
Aug 4 10:20:07 Joiceann-Halls-Computer /Users/joiceannhall/Desktop/apps not new/blender.app/Contents/MacOS/blender: MIG: server died : CGSExtractEventRecordsFromMessage

to get it to go to x/y

Press Shift+c then press c

That cleans it up and lets you make monkey have HUGE ears !
^o^ ooo oooo fun ! Now just show me how to do the other features and get extrude going and you have a massively ussful tool !

simple quick . I like it ! http://www.spymac.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=44359

please make more to your script .

Ok I’m done ^v^

Extrude adds new vertices and the script can’t handle it (yet). However it should
not crash.

As a workaround, you must extrude both sides.

I uploaded a partialy fixed version to the web. Now it does not cycle on
extrusion. It works even on MakeHuman mesh (with some problems).
It should also mark problematic parts of the mesh with red color,
but it does not work reliably.
Does anybody know under which condition
mesh.faces[face].col[ci].r = val
ends with
IndexError: list index out of range

and how to make it work always?
The corresponding mesh.faces[face].v[ci] of course exists.

if faces have no uvcoord.

new bug. If -x side of mesh is pulled away from the +x side the mesh will either disform oddly or not at all when the script button is pressed.

How do you use the other features ?

A lot of people asked me this feature to model
the MakeHuman target using the half of time.

Another very useful script.


Why do you not use the Sharefrom function ?

I don’t know… :expressionless:
How I can use the shareFrom function?
Can vnd use it to improve his script?


I try the script on MakeHuman mesh. It work,
but I’ve this message:

“edge in 2 faces, this should not happen”

Can you explain me what’s this message? Any edge
is shared between two faces…

I’ve a doubt about the mh mesh…this mean it’s not correct?

Select the half of your model.
Delete it.
Create a new objectt.
Share the data wth the first one.
Scale by -1 one of the axes.

but it does not work in b228 … for the moment.

Wow…You know all functions! This shareFrom is very hidden…
but I think the deletion of half mesh is not very friendly.
The script of vnd is more quick, I think…

Only I must understand what’s

“edge in 2 faces, this should not happen”

because it appear many times with makehuman mesh :frowning:
actually I have no time to study the script…

this is out of context, but, jms, can you please somewhere post a working example snippet of shareFrom for 228?

“a working example”?

Read carefully my answer,
I said clearly that sharefrom does not work in b228.
Let’s hope that the new b228a …

Just a possibility, you are not obliged to delete half the
mesh if you do not yet use it. :slight_smile:

Sharefrom avoids you to create this half mesh at the
beginning and allows you to lighten the original mesh

The script of vnd is more quick, I think…

I do not understand how a script performed line by
line by python can be faster than an internal compiled

thx anyway, just thought you had an insight into the *a fixes and updates…

says here it should work…

well, if it won’t, one can share smaller amounts of things with some mousing in window…

Excuse me, I’ve used a bad english.
I mean it’s more quick to use, because the user
press simply one button instead select in edit mode
and delete the vertex…

Of course I’ve read your new message, deletion is not necessary,
and the “quick” of script must be evaluate…

This error is not related with UV coord.
You must assign a new mat to mesh, and select the vcol paint button.
The basic color is replaced with vertex color and all co vector will
be initialized to gray.

However it dont work…

I’ve tried to paint all MH mesh, but no result.
I try to debug the script, but it seem a bug of API.