A Helping Hand - a Short Film about a Fish in need

Hey everyone! During the month of March I spent my time making a little short film for practicing my skills in animation. I’m pretty pleased with this being my first serious try at character animation. The expressions of the fish and his movements I’m pretty proud of at my current skill level.

The film uses a mixture of 2d art and 3d models. The fish, the hand, and the bottle are all 3d. With all background elements being 2d. Rendered in Blender Internal.

Audio was all recorded by me, which was a challenge as I know so little about audio itself. But it was fun and turned out reasonably well in the final product.

I want to improve as much as I can, so constructive criticism is very welcome.


I’ve posted the 3d model for “Lucky” as I call him, on sketchfab. He’s even available to download if you’d like to play around with the model and rig yourself. Feel free to create your own animations with him if you’d like!

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Very nice work. Did you produce the 2D in Blender as well?

Thanks! The 2d elements were created in Krita. Except for the Can, that was a render. :grin:

Happy Earthday everyone! :four_leaf_clover: :earth_americas: Hope you don’t mind me bumping my old topic. This film is quite relevant to this day, so I hope you enjoy!