a heretic

an abstraction.

%50 blender / %50 gimp



Thats a really cool blue thing. The only thing I can see that I would change is the color, I would change it to red just because of the word heretic. But at the same time it makes me think of the first level of Halo 2. I do like the color, it’s just the title I dont understand. It looks really cool. Is it a mesh, nurb surface or somthing? Any way keep up the good work.

beautiful use of colours, vibrant.
side note, image it’s self is mighty fine but the white gets lost in my browser, maybe a different background colour for the webpage or something?
[edit] #viewing at 1280x960 image sits in the corner :frowning:

looks nice.
i like the materials, but i would prefer a more smooth cutoff at its edge.

sad though that when I saw “heretic” i thought halo 2.

i need to stop playing that.

lol samadam, i thought the same thing! No u don’t have to stop playing it! Don’t you dare! That WOULD be heresy!

Nice picture, very good use of the space in the picture.

jackblack: This is a polygon that has been heavily fractally subdivided and then subsurfed.

Zenitor: Thank you. What do you mean by “the image sits in the corner??” I’ll see what I can do about the background.

SamAdam: Thanks.

FiXXXer: Thank you. Using the space in the piece without actually putting in too much “stuff” was one of my focuses here.