A hinge... and a problem

Is there any way to have an object (say a door on a car) hinged, but parented to the car? So that when you drive around, etc, the door can flap around. But I also want to be able to lock this hinge at certain points (so, say, the door would stay closed) and at some point I want the hinge to ‘break’, basically unparenting the object (e.g. the door falls off).

Would this be possible with the GE? What would I have to do to get it to work?



Here is the hinge contraint which will do what you want… you will need the new Blender 248RC1 version to run the file. http://www.weedyworld.co.uk/blender/hinged_door.blend

Cheers dude! Is there any way I can ‘break’ the hinge and detach the object?

I guess in python but I don’t know. do a search for deleting constraints. you could end the object with the Edit Object block and at the same time add a new object in the same place that could fly off.