A Homeless portrait modeling execrcise

Hello everybody

I started a new modeling exercise, but on the way it become a nice model (I think at least), so I spent some time lightning and doing some post work with Gimp.
All the model is just a quite big dynamic mesh of about 1.3 million poligons, if I don’t go wrong.
The fantastic reference image comes from a homeless portrait series from Lee Jeffries that you can find here :

Comments and critics are always welcome, I hope you like it!


a nice portrait. you have captured a lot from the original foto… one point though is that the bone structure of the eyeorbit is only very faintly developed in your sculpt, which makes the eye area looks flat. i don’t know if i would touch this sculpt again, as you have put already so much detail, but i recommend it for the next try… altogether, good work!

Thanks a lot for the critics, I really would like to try to improve the model in the area of the eyes, so what do you think should I do?
Can you explain me a bit better what kind of modification shoud I do? Thanks again for he help!

you need to sculpt so that we can see or at least think we see the bony structure underneath. so, the eyeball sits in a socket that is surrounded by bone in a shape roughly like sunglasses. you can feel that on your own face when you move your finger around your eyes starting on the brow… i have drawn over your image, i hope that is ok, to show how to achieve that. make “hills” where i drew in blue, and valleys where i drew in red. go slowly and watch how it develops. i hope this helps…