A Homing Missile using Drivers and Forces

At first I was trying to recreate a sorta ‘Slow Parent’ effect from 2.79 with the camera, but after taking a break to play some Halo 2 I was using the rocket launcher when I had an old project idea pop back into my memory of making a homing missile. I then realized that what I had with that project could be used to create the system for a homing missile.

The functionality of the homing missile I was looking to achieve with this idea was to have the missile be able to dynamically accelerate to a target, be able to miss a target due to an erratic enough change to the targets movement, and being able to arch due to gravity along with the missile’s weight.

It’s not a perfect system that I have here, you can’t easily control how accurate the missile is, the missile will usually fling by or spin around the target when the target is moved too drastically, the missile twitches once it’s ‘Track to point’ reaches the target, the missile doesn’t always turn around smoothly / accurately, and the missile slows down its acceleration as it gets closer to the target. But it’s a good start.

The video shows everything in more detail and I’ve also included the Blend file.

Missle System.blend (861.2 KB)

There are also a few things I’d want to have or more so extras to add to this system before I’d ever call it done, such as a method to launch these on a delay, having an explosion effect on collision, a fuel timer, smoke trails, and maybe a function to throw off the missiles tracking. But I’ll likely only expand on those if I ever refine the current core system.

I welcome feedback, though I may not get back your response.
Thanks in advance.