A hopeful series

(CubeFan973) #1

I’m quite weird, and love old anthology shows. (Note: The new ones seem to be horrible.) I have had this idea in my head about an anthology series made with Blender, totally free, online, called “Sinumob.” (I know, that’s not a word, that’s an anagram for “omnibus.”) Like “The Twilight Zone,” it has strange situations (i.e. a claustrophobic gets trapped in a room that shrinks whenever certain words are said) that eventually lead to endings that aren’t what you’d think.

Here’s a poll that just wouldn’t work with the normal poll thing here:

  1. Do you think that this is a good idea?
    A Yes
    B No

  2. Which do you think would make a good first episode?
    A A person on a space station finds that it has been overrun by robots
    B An amnesiac is sent back in time to find out who he is
    C A claustrophobic gets trapped in a room that shrinks whenever certain words are said
    D A teller at a bank is actually the Devil himself
    E Soldiers find out that they are going to battle real aliens from outer space
    F An inventor goes to court on an invention that allows him to walk through anything
    G A meteor carries bacteria that turns an ordinary person into a monster
    H An insomnac finds that there are assassins trying to catch him for unseen reasons
    I An alien planet prepares for war against the humans that are approaching
    J Time travelers unknowingly destroy all of humanity, except for a single junior high school
    K A person begins to think that everything around him isn’t real
    L A young boy begins to think that the world is approaching an eternal darkness
    M An accident at a power plant creates creatures that can steal energy from any living thing
    N Three astronauts return to their apartment to find themselves already there
    O A young girl is taken to 1929 and told to assassinate Hitler
    P A robot is told to destory the world, but for some reason doesn’t want to
    Q A person begins to think that color is a dimension
    R A weird student begins to think that a classmate has supernatural powers
    S A man is caught in a nightmare he can’t wake up from
    T A strange type of time travelling releases a monster that warps time around it
    U A man wakes up to find that nobody is like they were before
    V A teenager wonders what the world will be like in ten years and is warped to that time period
    W A person jumps from a tall building but somehow survives
    X A writer finds that whenever he writes fiction, it happens, and when he writes non-fiction it doesn’t happen
    Y A person begins to think that he has psychic powers
    Z A person is cloned, but the genes were altered so that the person is deformed
    AA Two guys come to their past to a disbelieving president
    AB 3 men seem to want three guns a man has so badly that they’re killing for them
    AC A new neighbor is actually a robot planning to destroy the humans surrounding it, but there is another robot who wants to save them

  3. Are you intersted in doing something for this, and if so, what?
    A No
    B Maybe
    C Yes (specify)
    D Well, what do you want me to do?

  4. How can it be improved?
    A This is fine as it is
    B (specify)
    C You could try not making it

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