A House From Plans

Hey all. I got a job offer from someone so I’m putting a portifolio together for them. Basically the job is to make 3D visualisations from house plans. Started a house recently. I guess my “tree on a hill” will have to wait. Anyways, I’d appreciate any comments you can give me. Its in the early stages right now but I will be posting more as I get it done.


I realize the textures aren’t too good at the moment. They are just to help me visualize what I might want it to look like. More updates tomorrow (or today…yawns).


Did you try Google SketchUp ? That’s perfect for arhitecture and a blender importer is written already.

Looks like something from the sims :slight_smile:

Very nice.

thank you :slight_smile: Yes I have sketchup and I love the program. I actually didn’t know how I could get the plan into the picture so I could make an accurate “sketch” of the walls. I have encountered another problem now. according to the plans and according to the picture of the front of the house, it looks like the roof is like this…


However, this can’t be correct! No builder would be dumb enough to make the roof flat where the two peaks connect. It would gather water and rot. Possibly the architect intended for the “flat” part of the roof to have a slight angle but still, it bothers me.

this is the picture of the front…


any ideas?

thanks again!

er… I guess no one knows enough about roofing to help out. I appreciate it though! More updates tomorrow. i’m tired, need to sleep before I go clubbing.


I looks to me, from the image housefront5uy.jpg, that the walls, where the front door is located, are taller. The flat roof that you are showing does not extend from front to back, but is a ridgeline to meet the two hip lines from the higher walls. This one room should have a higher ceiling, perhaps vaulted.


wow… you’re probably right. I actually don’t know what you mean without some sort of illustration. If you could demonstrate for me? I have the floorplan still if you want to see it too.


I would really appreciate it!


This is what I had in mind.

Hope it helps.


that does help a lot! thanks! it looks correct. From looking at the plans though the entire west side of the house (left side in the plans) has a vaulted ceiling. can this still be done?


I am not an architect (my dad was a carpenter), but I would say that the dashed line that you are referring to is a box feature. It appears that in some of the rooms, master suite, bedrooms 2 and 3, the ceiling is at normal height of walls a short distance into the rooms and then turns upward to a higher level (vaulted). The dining room, living room and family room appear to be not only vaulted, but taller than normal.

With the following google search:
I found a good photo of what is possible:

I would recommend that you find an architecture forum, or a full set of plans for more specifics.