A house in Afganistan

My dad is doing research for a film in Afghanistan and he send me a few photo’s from Kabul and I am modeling (loosely) of some of his photo’s.



Looks very nice so far. Keep it up!

Good modelling, you should increase the samples value in the AO menu.

Looking good, are you going to make a stand in for the ground plane?

Yeh I have a stand in plane.

Nice model ! With ground, environment and a good lighting, it is going to give a great result.

Ok rendered the ground plane, And messed with the composite. I dont like the lighting. Although thats how the Shadows in the shed should look under those lighing conditions.


Starting to have some Soul

Seems really photo-realitic. On a background of desert, this will easily pass over the eye.

Managed to put all the textures into one texture.

I am at a loss in how to make a good background

You have reference photos, so maybe you can just “paint” a background onto some basic geometry as a matte painting, using the clone paint tools. Depends on if there is geometry close enough to cast shadow onto your house, I guess. I like how it looks, really coming along nicely.

This one maybe?

Allot of it looks like the mojave desert

One thing that I find fascinating is that the taliban scrapes of the heads on signs.

You could use the Physical sky applied to a sun in Blender. It works fine.