A House Near Me: Daytime/Nighttime

A project I have been working on for longer than I expected. It started with a house model, which then needed a setting, which needed props, etc., etc., … So in the end, I turned it into these two primary images.
I put a fair amount of work into most of the individual pieces, which in many cases can’t really be seen, so I plan to reuse many of the models and materials, and maybe produce some close up shots to show the models and textures more clearly.

Spot the difference:

Click through on either image twice and zoom to see in higher resolution, the original’s are 1920 x 1440 .

All critique welcomed.

Good work, there are really a lot of details in here! I would do both images with less defocus. Nothing to say about about the day version, maybe just slightly bend the flower stems in the left and the grass with less color variation. In the night version i dont like very much the lighting and postprocessing. I would go for a more neutral light color (just a little), less light power or more contrast between dark and lit ,less lens effects and more render samples, if possible. This is just my personal opinion :slight_smile:

The daytime one is better than the nighttime one.
Maybe you should change the lighting.

Day image is very good, congratulations, you have beat over 95% of all Blender renderers, convincing photorealism. Much better than those 2 Forum Gallery “photorealistic” houses you can see top of the screen.

The night render is too bright, I think.
Further, I don´t know if you actually intended this kind of result, but if you´re aiming for a more realistic render, try to add more variety into your textures, as well as your models. Almost nothing in reallife is that smooth and sterile. Looking at the grass specifically. Even if the grass has been mowed recently, you will still have grass blades laying on the lawn, random foliage, the ground isn´t even either.

If you never aimed for a realistic render, you did a pretty good job, except that the night render is too bright (as I already mentioned). I also looks like the house has a sun lamp indoors. It kind of looks like natural daylight in the windows in your night render.

@mik1190 - thanks, less defocus, really? You’re right about the grass, I’m not keen on the colour result or the variation, I’ll redo it. I thought I’d stylise the night version a little bit, with the light colour and lens effect. There are 800 samples used in the night version, it took 8 hours to render, and I altered the contrast with curves, as I thought it was too dark, I wanted to be able to just discern the tiles on the front of the house, which I couldn’t quite isolate, resulting in increasing the noise in other areas of the image, which I couldn’t get rid of with de-speckle and other nodes and the passes, guess it does need more samples.

@TynkaTopi - thanks very much for the comments.

@ElensAnma - wow, very diplomatic of you. Of course I wasn’t going for photorealism, that’s why I added the date-stamp. More variety in the models - did you look at the higher resolution image? (Clicking through won’t show the original either, you need to click through twice and zoom, the original is 1440 x 920) What variety is there on a uPVC door, or plantpot, or bin, or any other manufactured item, esp when nearly new? Sterile really? Really? The ground isn’t either what? And yes, of course, I used a sun lamp indoors, isn’t that their natural habitat?
Never heard of a compliment sandwich? Or posting your own work for critique, to back up your indelicate and indecorous remarks. Seems like this isn’t the only forum where you’re willing to dish it out without backing it up or offering you’re own target. Boo.

Critique, I want. Only negative comments, keep em in your glass house. Anyone can throw stones.

No need to be offensive. I didn´t mean it that way. Sorry.

I was just trying to express how I see it.
The way it looks now, it´s semi-realistic. Which is not bad, because renders don´t have to be as realistic as possible. I just said, that if you were aiming for a realistic look, you would have to add more variety. For example the lawn. It´s too clean, in my opinion.

I really don´t understand why you feel offended by my post.

So, just because I don´t have artwork uploaded here, it makes my critique invalid?

You posted in the category “Focused Critique” and asked people to judge your artwork. If you can´t take normal critique, you should not post in this category. I did not offend you, nor your art - all I did was to post my opinion on your artwork.
Just because I got straight to the point of my critique doesn´t make it a negative comment.

I´ll just repeat myself in another way, to avoid misunderstandings:

Your artwork is nice. If you aim for a more realistic render, try adding variety into your models/textures.

In my opinion the bright flowers look a bit off, since the rest of the image is a little dark.