A House

A pretty boring WIP that i hve just started work on again after a long break, used Fiberscript to make the grass. These are just test textures, im not happy with the bricks or the tiles at the moment, but it shows what i am aiming for. As far as the missing door on the right, then i am hopefully going to put a try on the the boundary between the two houses and the other one wont be visable.


Please C&C

Nice work. Are you aiming for photorealism? I think this has great potential. :slight_smile:

Yep im aiming for photorealism, im working on trying to model a hedge, which is hard. Ive tried using Lsystem but at the moment i can only get tress, im not sure what to do about this, any ideas?

hedge as in fence ?

Hedge as in a garden hedge, do u know what a hedge is, its a well kept plant that kinda acts like a fence ye.

Nice work. This has a lot of potential :slight_smile:

Small update, added too trees, one without any leaves and one with, cant seem to get my trees to be very realistic at the moment, i need to work on them. Used the unified renderer for a laugh. Didnt seem to make that much different. As you can see the tree doesnt look too bad, but the reflection of it does.


Got rid of the dead skinny tree and changed the brick texture, i think this one is better. What do you think about the brick texture. All i have left now is tho window frames on the side of the house, the steps and front wall texture, and a driveway of some kind so the house aint floating.


Thats good!

I don’t like the new brick tex, too many bricks, and it looks too flat.
There also seems to be too many roof tiles.

Other then that its coming along nicely


The new brick texture is not so good. It looks washed out and you can see where it repeats. I just noticed the colour of the roof tiles. I have never seen them in that colour. Shouldn’t they be terracotta? I think it would make it look more realistic if they were. Also they seem to be just a little too specular (or maybe reflective, not sure). The leaves of the tree don’t look too realistic either. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

About the hedge… try making a box, subsurfe it and then grow the same green grass you have in the garden

Can’t really tell, but that bottum step looks like it could be a doozy… :wink:

you should make a broken window 8)

The tiles are an accurate colour of the ones used in my street. They are boring brown, not terracota at all.

This is a really nice model. I like the fact that the brick texture has a few rows of slightly-different colored brick, as a real mason would often do.

You probably need a few more shades of grey. For example the upper windows might be slightly more-lit than the lower ones. Also, the emblem beside the door clearly would not be the same shade o’ grey as any of them. Finally, I’m a little concerned about the treatment of the edge of the windows right where it meets the door-wall at that 30-degree-or-so angle. It looks like the inner edge of the window plunges right into that wall. The Z-axis rotation of those windows also does not seem to quite match that of the frames they are in.

Other than this, it’s a very fine model of something you might find on Privet Drive. :smiley:

There it is finished, not perfect but im happy with it and i want to move on.